Mametta Boateng – Ghanaian Entrepreneur

24 year old Mametta Boateng a Ghanaian entrepreneur who loves fashion. Earlier this year she started her fashion website Osaah.com. She walked into our offices to sit down for an interview to talk about Osaah.com and the future.

A: Tell us who Mametta Boateng is? Lunched launched
Q: She is a God fearing, fun sometimes funny, ready to learn and lend a hand young girl.

A: Tell us about Osaah.com?
Q: It is a blog that covers fashion, beauty and travel tips. It was created to inspire fashion lover that love to put their own touch to whatever they have in their wardrobe.

A: What made you think of creating Osaah.com?
Q: I have always had an eye for clothes, how to pair things together. I would always look and read other blogs and I told myself why don’t I share mine too, but I was shy. I told a few friends and family and they were like why not go on. So my birthday this year I gave myself a late present osaah.com.

A: Where did the name Osaah come from?
Q: My middle name is Maamesaah, my Aunty would always change it to Osaah whenever she called me and I liked it. I Remember brain storming with a friend and she was like why don’t you use Osaah besides you like the name. I thought it was a great idea, it sounded great I smiled knowing this is. That was how the name Osaah was created.

A: Will you be designing and making cloths as part of Osaah.com?
Q: Lets see what the future holds.

A: Tell us a little about your educational back ground?
Q: I did Cambridge IGCSE at soul clinic international after which I studied ABE UK Business Management at Zenith University College.

A: What do you do for fun?
Q: I love to cook

A: Where do you see Osaah.com in the next ten years?
Q: I see Osaah as a house hold name, styling for events having a T-shirt line and giving back to the needy.

A. What is your advice to people starting business?
Q. Pray about it, plan well, make sure the passion is there, have a good team, keep pushing.

JFWG: Thank you for talking to us at just for women Ghana.
Mametta: Thank you too