7 Ways To Care For Your Wedding Jewellery

Your wedding  jewellery represents a multitude of emotions and years of familial heritage. And to preserve its heritage and sparkly characteristics, it is advised that you take care of your bridal jewels in a manner that retains its special qualities and shine. So whether you are preserving your timeless baubles as a special memory or want to pass it on to the next bride in line, here are 7 ways to ensure they remain as precious as they are!

Avoid moisture

This a common rule of thumb. Do not ever expose any of your wedding jewellery to moisture as it can dull its shine and texture. This is applicable for pearl, gold, silver, diamond and most other jewellery types. We suggest you take off your precious jewellery, particularly the engagement ring before taking a bath or any other activity that involves contact with water or sweat.

Entangle them correctly

We understand that sometimes stacking a pile of jewellery is much more satisfying than spending hours having to put them correctly in order. But girl, to ensure that its timeless appeal stays, we suggest you separate each piece before storing them in your jewellery box. This especially holds true for pearl and gold jewellery and each piece should ideally be preserved separately.

Clean them right

As easy as it may sound, cleaning heirloom jewellery or even the traditional bridal ones can be quite a mean task. While a non abrasive soap and water solution can clean most gold jewellery efficiently, it is advised you use a professional cleaning equipment or a solution to ward off dust and grime from delicate jewellery such as pearls, emeralds, silver and precious stones.

 Avoid contact with harsh chemicals

Whether it is your wedding ring or that special necklace that carries an emotional resonance, make sure you do not let them come in contact with chemicals. From the chlorine in a swimming pool to detergent powder and even your favourite perfume carries chemicals that your precious jewellery just can’t take. These chemicals can make your jewels lose their sheen. Lest, avoid!

Storage is important

This is one of the most important aspects and the right storage can make your wedding jewellery last a lifetime. Make sure you don’t get lazy with your storage options. For jewellery and other precious baubles, store them in either the professional je

wellery case that it came with, or velvet boxes. For delicate silver jewellery which gets oxidized easily, we suggest you wrap them up in butter paper and store them in airtight containers or silk pouches.

Handle with care

Sometimes, careless mistakes such as wearing your jewellery with contrasting metals (pearls with gold) can result in friction and cause the metal to erode. Also, make sure that all the jewellery pieces are detangled before you keep them in separate boxes.

Wear it right

Your wedding jewellery is your priced possession and in order to wear it right, we suggest that every precious jewellery should be the first thing to be put on and the last thing to be taken off while dressing up.This ensures that it doesn’t get stuck to your clothing or come in contact with any perfumes or creams that might cause it to dull its shine.

Source: popxo.com