“My Uncle’s Wife Poured Acid On Me”

For Obanye Francess Chizoba, the saddest day of her life was the day she sustained burns.

Chizoba, a graduate of Biochemistry from the Anambra State University, has been living as a burn survivor since she was 9 years old – when her uncle’s wife poured acid on her and ran away after the incident.

According to her, she meant to throw the acid on her brother, but she was scarred instead.

Living your life looking different from others can be challenging, but Chizoba says she has never felt emotionally depressed because she understands that she cannot change the situation.

Chizoba told fellow burn survivor Kay Obum that she is believing God to provide her money for a surgery. “Never give up on life no matter how hard it is” she said.

On what it has been like growing up with irregular scars?

“It happened when I was very tender. Have you ever have this feeling of people you grow up with seeing you and running away from you? That is the most painful part. When you go out, people will look at you and be scared of you, little kids will see you and run away, they will cry as if they saw a ghost.

If you have a problem with your fellow girl, she will insult you with what happened to you. God!  It was not easy but grace was too sufficient. I accepted my challenge and i look for solution on how to move on. Thank God for my mum always there giving me courage. I started going to school, pairing with my mates and being happy.”

Her  greatest consolidation
From my mum, those people out there are not better than you. Believe strongly in yourself. God has a reason for you been like this that is why from that day he gave you that name Chizoba and that is the fact. And do you know what I hate the most? ‘pity’ it makes me have the feelings that am different.”

Source: Woman.ng