What To Do to Make Life Better, Longer

We all want to feel good — and most of us think that feeling good lies in making more money. But that never works.

OK, you’ll certainly feel good straight after you get a raise, but the effects soon wear off.

So what works? Spending more time in the bedroom, for one thing!

Because enjoying really sound sleep definitely improves your whole life.

So make sure your bedroom’s comfortable, and stop all that late night drinking! Because alcohol disturbs your sleep pattern.

Try a few alcohol-free nights, and you’ll soon start sleeping better — and feel really good.

Try to reduce the noise levels in your bedroom, get the lighting and temperature right, and never read or watch TV in bed — or argue with your spouse!

Consider a new mattress, especially if your partner’s much heavier than you, and avoid big meals, exercise, nicotine or caffeine late in the evening. Aim to go to bed and get up at the same time every day, including weekends. Together.

Because an early sleep pattern means you’ll have more sex!

Couples make love far more often when they feel less tired — and guys feel particularly frisky in the morning! And it’s worth taking advantage of that. Because lots of good sex is the other thing that will improve your life far more than making more money.

So get married, and build a good relationship with your spouse, because married couples who are emotionally and physically intimate, especially those with young children in the home, are the happiest group in society.

While childless singles in their 40s are the least.

Mostly that’s because they have weaker social support, less satisfying sex lives, and often have simply awful sleep patterns! Good sex is especially important as you get older.

Because it goes on improving your emotional and physical health.

Like you’ll have a better memory, because lots of good sex improves the areas of the brain that control your emotions and memory.

Older couples who have regular sex are less likely to feel depressed and are more positive about ageing. In fact, they even look five to seven years younger than those who don’t! Because good sex releases hormones that make the skin more elastic and youthful — so long as it’s loving. Casual sex doesn’t produce nearly the same benefits, probably because of all the anxiety and insecurity.

Having sex at least once a week also boosts your body’s first line defences against colds and flu. And reduces the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

What else can you do to make life better?

Make strong ties to your community and close relatives. Because the richness of our social relationships also has a big impact on how good we feel. It’s also worth spending more time outdoors. Avoiding debt.

And drinking less. Because people who enjoy alcohol in moderation almost always have far better lives than those who drink heavily.