Miss Togo 2017 – Cornelia Dédévi

Miss Cornelia Dédévi Adomayakpo will be wearing the crown of the most beautiful woman in Togo for the next twelve (12) months. This 21-year-old student in the first year of Law won Saturday against 20 other girls in the Miss Togo contest.

After the first phase of the evening at the Lomé Congress Center, fourteen (14) out of 21 candidates were allowed to continue the competition and it will be Miss Cornelia Dédévi Adomayakpo who seduced the jury and the public (who voted in height of 25%) by its plastic beauty but also intellectual.

The evening was enhanced by the presence of the Minister of Culture, Guy Madjé Lorenzo, several other members of government and Miss from other African countries like Burkina Faso and Congo.

Cornelia Dédévi ADOMAYAKPO succeeds Kokoe Mawubedzro Balbina Almeida, Miss Togo 2016 Ellea for 1 st runner, Brenda Kokoè Kankoue-Aho and 2nd runner Nadine Nassini. Maryse Michelle Kuegan and Eméline Mardina Mortant are respectively 3rd and 4th runners-up.

Seven (7) Miss Friendship and Miss Fair Play were also elected.