My Man Used Fake VCT Certificate

I met this man in august this year and we  had sex at first it was protected but as time went by we stopped using protection because he said he went for VCT test and the  HIV test was negative.

I also tested and my result was negative. Everything was okay, then in October I went to test and the result came back negative again.. I was relieved.

Things changed end of October from now where this guy sent me testing card showing negative results only to find out that he got the card from Facebook.

I knew this because he owner of that card is both our mutual friend on facebook. So I remembered I saw that card somewhere on FB shared by one of my friends. I confronted the guy about it. He denied at first saying it’s his. But after so much confrontation he admitted he was lying, he was  just t playing with me after that incident I have been stressed till today. I don’t know why he lied about testing card.

What is he hiding or is it because he was afraid to test, I am really worried I can’t sleep he toldd me he will go and test last week. I think he never did because he never got back to me. He still insist he is okay that he is not sick.

Please advice

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