Chineyenwa Okoro Onu – Nothing is a Waste

Chineyenwa Okoro Onu is a social entrepreneur, a graduate from the Radford University in Ghana where she studied human resource management. She had her tertiary education in Nigeria before coming to Ghana for university in 2010

She is using her knowledge on entrepreneurship and human resource management to inculcate the importance of being innovative and productive.

She is the CEO for NOVSAIC EXPRESSION an initiative that believes with art nothing is a waste.

“It is no new story that our Africa’s beauty has deteriorated due to our inability to see the harm we cause our great continent,improper waste management has been a huge problem and has cause more harm than good from health issues, flood disasters to financial loses. As we look around the beautiful countries in Africa we all too often see plastics bottles, polystyrene wrappers, polystyrene containers, plastics paper, cans and whole lots of other “waste material ” littering our streets, our parks alongside,our roads, our neighborhoods, shopping areas, our rivers, markets and many other places in our environment.”

NOVSAIC has being working on pragmatic solutions and different ways the general public can be part of an environmental change process .

This has geared them to launching one of West Africa’s First Environmental Hub.

NOVSAIC projects successfully executed are as follows .

  • Waste Or Create School Program
  • Waste or Create Corporate program.
  • Africa’s First Recycling Fair.
  • Africa’s First Environmental Solution Based Startup Weekend In Collaboration With Google and Techstars.

Starting Novsaic Expression was something Chineyenwa has always wanted to do based on life experiences she had while growing up.

“I watched my grandparent’s house almost washed away by the erosions which was caused by the improper waste management systems and other disasters happening across board I made a discussion to become a front liner is solving one Africa’s biggest problem. Having these in mind I bring together enablers and innovators who through collaboration and like-mindedness strive to make an extraordinary difference. “

Enablers are the NOVSAIC expression team, who believe with art, innovation and creativity nothing is waste.

They are working toward becoming the leading light of innovative, creative and sustainable solutions towards environmental economic development. empowering minds, facilitating social businesses utilizing environment problems whilst championing solutions. Since October 2012 she has have being working as a social entrepreneur in the environmental space, education and inculcating the need for proper waste management.

She was nominated for The Anzisha Prize Award in 2014. In 2017 She got inducted International  into The Royal Commonwealth Fellowship and Rotary

In 2015 She won a Bronze Medal at the innovation in sanitation prize organized by cleanacwa. She got 5,000 Ghana Cedis in cash prize an equivalent of USD 1,1250  awarded to her.

She has worked with notable and highly rated professionals and with her fellow team members she drives the need for change in her community.

Chineyenwa is working towards becoming the change She seeks to see in our world .as an environmentalist and speaker these has geared her to speaking and attending educational seminars, social entrepreneur’s events, where she teaches the need for environmental awareness as well as sharing her passion by telling her change journey.

She has also been quoted in CNN as one of the 12 brilliant Africa entrepreneurs and also won the award for social entrepreneur of the year in April 2018 at the West Africa youth award.

She has also be featured on how we made it in Africa, CCTV Africa, Aljazeera and other media platform.

Source: Just For Women Africa