Am Thinking of Cheating On Him

Dear Abena,

.I am desperate to save my marriage. I have 5 daughters with my husband. After 12 years..

Before we got married, my husband’s mother wanted me to get pregnant and give birth to a boy. It went against my principles. I was ready to break up for him to get someone else who can do that for him but he said no way. He told his parents that I’m the only one he wants. They agreed and we got married.

Abena, he changed right after our short honeymoon. His mother wasn’t even giving me pressure . He rather was on me to give birth to a boy for him. When I had our first girl, he didn’t talk to me for a week! It was his mother I spoke to who convinced him to talk to me. Having 4 more girls has made me become his enemy.

Abena, he’s cheating. He’s been cheating for years but it was my own suspicions. Now, he can talk to them right in front of me. My birthday was last month. Abena, common text message was too hard for him to send to me but he was able to post in a Facebook group. I’m in the same group with him but I’m using a different account there. He doesn’t know. Could you believe he took a lady out and posted their photos there? While I was in the house with our children.

His sister-in-law told me 3 years ago that he wants a son by all means. His family has more girls oh. That my in-law was also under pressure before she gave birth to a boy after 2 girls. I’m surprised my husband doesn’t have a son by now but I know he’s been working on it. Sleeping with girls just to get them pregnant. We had an argument recently and he said he’ll marry whoever can give him a son so doesn’t care that I’m accusing him of cheating.

Abena, he’s my love. I love him in spite of it all. He takes very good care of our girls and has big plans for them. My 2 sisters are single and want me to leave him. For the past 5 years but, leave him and marry who? After having these children?

Now, I’m thinking of cheating on him to get a son. I don’t know how to go about it? Will I get a man who is interested in it and won’t speak about it to anyone? I can’t pay him any money but can afford hotel bills, will any man agree? I’ve been thinking what will happen if I end up with another girl or have a boy who resembles the father and not me. Divorce is not an option and I don’t want to lose my husband too.

Please if there is another solution, please tell me. I’m desperate.

Thank you

Source : Abena Magis Manokekame