Nigeria – Eurel Nwafor – #MeToo Story

Eurel Nwafor, 22,  was raped in August 2017 after some opposition union members stormed her former place of work.
“There was a lot of chaos outside the office,” said Nwafor, who was working as a personal assistant at a market in Lagos at the time. On opening the door to see what was happening, I received a slap from a man and before I could recover, he dragged me outside. Nwafor said that the same man ripped her clothes off and forced himself on her.
“He didn’t listen, though I begged him to stop,” 
Nwafor has been fighting to bring charges against the man she says raped her, despite her family’s disapproval.
“My mom wants me to leave everything in God’s hands, likewise … other family members, but I refuse to suffer in silence.”
She took to Instagram, sharing a video pleading for help. It went viral and caught the attention of support group Stand To End Rape, which offered her counseling and legal advice.
“I cannot wake up every morning, knowing that the person that did this to me is out there going about his daily activities like nothing happened,”
Source: CNN.com